The Melody Lingers On



  • The melody lingers on : a novel / Mary Higgins Clark


Publication Info

  • 2015
  • New York, NY : Simon & Schuster Audio, [2015]


  • 9781442376311


  • 6 audio discs ;

Media Characteristics

  • digital
  • audio file CD audio


  • Jan Maxwell


  • Paperback
  • Paperback Large Print
  • Hardcover
  • Hardcover Large Print
  • Compact Disc
  • eBook
  • Pre-loaded audio player


  • Mystery
  • Romantic Suspense


3Q; 4P

Reader’s Annotation

When Lane Harmon’s firm is hired to decorate the home of the wife of a corporate thief, Lane is drawn to the son, which places her in danger.


Lane Harmon’s decorating firm, run by design maven Glady, is hired to redecorate the new home of Anne Bennet. Two years before, Anne’s husband Parker disappeared with $5 billion stolen from the investment fund he started. Parker appeared to have committed suicide, but it is common belief that he staged his death so he could disappear with the money. While on the job, Lane is charmed by Eric Bennett, the son of Parker and Anne, and begins dating him despite a chorus of voices telling her he is guilty of aiding his father. Investigators ask Lane and Glady to spy on key players in the investigation. Lane refuses, but Glady agrees to help. As investigators close in on their target, the danger grows for Lane.


This story provides mild entertainment, but is predictable and revolves around the naivete of the heroine. The reader discovers early in the story that Parker is still alive and living in the Caribbean, leaving as the mystery the question of Eric’s guilt. The suspense comes from wondering when various characters will act–those who have knowledge of Parker’s whereabouts, and a loose canon victim of his scheme who wants revenge on someone. The chapters are short and the pacing is quick.

The audio book was easy listening. The narrator’s voice was pleasant. Her characterizations of Glady and the Countess Sylvie Demarco were fun. In keeping with the title, a gentle melody played at the beginning and end of each disc. With only six discs, it is a quick listen.

If you are looking for a light diversion not requiring too much concentration, this audio book will be just what you’re looking for.


Visit the website of New York Times bestselling author Mary Higgins Clark here.

An interview with the author on YouTube.

The author answers reader questions on Goodreads.





Appeal Factors

This book may appeal to those who like a light mystery. It is set among a “glamorous” society, which may also appeal to some readers.


Hush, by Karen Robards. Both stories revolve around a wealthy financier accused of embezzlement, an angry victim contemplating murder, and a woman caught in the middle of the situation.

Can’t Find My Way Home, by Carlene Thompson. In both books, families struggle to clear the name of men accused of crimes while authorities staunchly claim their guilt.

Play Dead,by Harlan Coben. In these books, husbands have gone missing at sea and appear to be dead and to have taken a lot of money with them. The families and authorities are determined to learn the truth.

Booktalk Ideas

A booktalk could focus on Lane’s attraction to Eric, following the debate in her mind over whether to believe in his innocence or to believe all the people telling her that he is guilty of assisting his father.

Another idea would be to talk about Parker’s crime, maybe in first person point of view, with him musing over how his cover could be blown and when.

Discussion Questions

Can a book be enjoyable even when it is predicable? Does this apply to mystery/suspense stories? What qualities added to the enjoyment of this story?

Did you believe Eric was innocent or guilty? Did the disclosures about his past problems affect your opinion? How was Lane taken in, even when everyone warned her?

Did you feel sympathy for Ranger? How did his mind make the leap to thinking of Lane as a legitimate target of his anger?

In light of all we knew by the end, how do you feel about Glady’s decision to charge costs from Anne’s job to the Countess?

There have been a lot of real-life scams like the one Parker Bennett pulled. Has their punishment been sufficient? What can an investor do to protect himself/herself from these schemes?

Why I chose this book

Mary Higgins Clark is a popular author and I had never read her books. I wanted to give her a try.

Memory Hooks

Melody; music box; investment schemes


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