Texas Rangers: Other Men’s Horses



  • Texas rangers – other men’s horses [sound recording] / Elmer Kelton.


Publication Info

  • [United States] : Graphic Audio, 2010.


  • 9781599506944 : $19.99


  • 9781599506944


  • 6 sound discs (360 min.) :


  • Paperback
  • Hardcover
  • eBook
  • Compact disc


  • Western


4Q, 4P

Reader’s Annotation

Texas Ranger Andy Pickard trails Geneva Bannister hoping she will lead him to her husband who is wanted for murder.


Donley Bannister is wanted for the shooting of a no-good horse-thieving scoundrel. When young Texas Ranger Andy Pickard tracks him down, Bannister ends up saving his life but escaping. Following his recovery from the gunshot wound, Andy is tasked with watching Bannister’s wife in hopes she will lead him to Donley. When Mrs. Bannister slips away, Andy picks up her trail. He follows her right into one trouble after another, losing the trail and picking it up again. Along the way, Andy questions the justice in arresting Bannister, but secrets are revealed that may make him feel differently.


The audiobook is from GraphicAudio and is read like a play. There is a narrator, but various actors read the dialog and music and sound effects are used to enhance the story. The narrator was a great choice, with a gravelly voice and an old cowboy accent. The actors read the characters well, getting across the emotions and the occasional humor. The sound effects sometimes overwhelmed the reading a bit, but were otherwise a nice touch. The sound quality was excellent.

The story was engrossing with plenty of action and danger and a dash of humor thrown in. Although westerns generally appeal more to men, this one had a great storyline with an emphasis on a female character that will be appealing to women readers. The lead character, Ranger Andy, is sympathetic, with a strong sense of fairness and justice and a dash of compassion. The story touches on the issue of race and justice in the Old West. The writing was descriptive, and the writer and narrator created just the right atmosphere.


The author has recently passed away, but his website is still up here.

New York Times obituary

Interview with blogger Bradley D. Pettit



Publishers Weekly


Appeal Factors

Fans of westerns will like this book, but it might enjoy a wider audience due to the lead female character and complex issues such as race and the nature of justice.


Other books in Kelton’s Texas Rangers series

These Is My Words, Nancy E. Turner. Both novels are westerns and feature a husband and wife. They are also both richly detailed and atmospheric.

Blue-Eyed Devil, by Robert B. Parker. These novels share the genre western and the appeal factors of atmospheric and fast-paced.

Trail Angel, by Derek Catron. Like Other Men’s Horses, Trail Angel is atmospheric and fast-paced. It is also a western that features a female character.

Booktalk Ideas

A booktalk could be first-person from Andy’s point of view, describing his first encounter with Donley Bannister, being shot by the other outlaws, and being saved by Donley. It might end with him musing about whether Donley should be indicted, but acknowledging that it is simply his job to bring the man in.

Discussion Questions

In the beginning, did you believe Donley Bannister should be convicted of murder? Did you change your mind later?

Why do you think Geneva felt compelled to try to find Donley? Do you think she lacked awareness of the dangers of traveling alone as a female, did she have too much confidence in her own ability to handle trouble, or was it something else?

Did the Rangers do the right thing in letting Joshua get away? What was the general attitude in the West regarding race? What do you think will happen to Joshua?

It is not unusual for thieves or other law-breakers to have their own personal code of honor. Why do you think this is? What was Donley’s code? Why?

Why I chose this book

In looking to try a western, I wanted something that featured a female character. This audiobook looked interesting because it was read by a variety of actors. Kelton is also a popular writer at our library.

Other Relevant Information

This book was published posthumously.

Memory Hooks

Texas Rangers, horse thieves



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