Blue Christmas



  • Blue Christmas [electronic resource] / Mary Kay Andrews.


Publication Info

  • Pymble, NSW ; New York : HarperCollins e-books, 2007.


  • 9780061541650 (electronic bk. : Adobe Reader); $11.99
  • 0061541656 (electronic bk. : Adobe Reader)


  • Hardcover
  • Paperback
  • Large print
  • Compact disc
  • eBook


  • Cozy mystery
  • Southern women’s fiction


3Q; 5P

Reader’s Annotation

Weezie Foley has to crush the new neighbors in the holiday window competition and catch a thief at the same time.


This year antiques dealer Weezie Foley plans to win the Savannah historical district decorating contest. When vandals destroy her traditional Savannah fruit and flower-filled display, Weezie bars the doors, gets our her glue gun, and creates a colorful display that no one will forget. But when items go missing and her competition/neighbors report a stranger sleeping in the window, Weezie puts on her sleuthing shoes and sets out to catch a thief. Throw in one crazy Christmas dinner and the hunt for the perfect boyfriend Christmas gift, and you get one blue southern Christmas.


As many Christmas novels are, this book is a gentle read. It centers on people and relationships. The story is amusing and upbeat. The mystery is cozy–no one dies and there are no graphic descriptions or language. If you like a challenge to your mysteries, this book is not for you. However, if you are looking for a holiday book to put you in the spirit and something easy to read in this busy season, this might be just the one for you.

The book is packed with southern charm and Savannah atmosphere. The characters, who were introduced in Savannah Blues, are eccentric but relatable. The book is also nostalgic for those who remember aluminum Christmas trees with color wheels and Shiny-Brite ornaments. Blue Christmas is recommended as a warm, easy read for holiday enthusiasts.


Visit the author’s website.

An interview with The Dayton Daily News

A video interview on YouTube




Publishers Weekly

Appeal Factors

Fans of cozy mystery, all things Christmas, and Southern chic lit may enjoy this fun, gentle story.


The Twelve Clues of Christmas, by Rhys Bowen. These books share the genre cozy mystery and the subject of Christmas. They are also both humorous and upbeat.

Sugarplum Dead, by Carolyn G. Hart. Both books feature a woman amateur sleuth and a Christmas setting. They are also amusing, upbeat, gentle reads.

For a non-Christmas choice, try Antiques Fate, by Barbara Allan. It shares the cozy mystery genre and likewise features an antiques dealer who is an amateur detective.

Booktalk ideas

A booktalk could describe Weezie’s transformation of her window into the Blue Christmas theme. Alternatively, it could include the puzzling circumstances of the thefts, the runaway dog, and the stranger sleeping in the store window.

Discussion Questions

Weezie’s boyfriend Daniel hates Christmas because of events in his childhood. Can you understand or relate to this? How could he overcome these feelings?

Weezie was especially nostalgic for aluminum trees and Shiny-Brite ornaments. Is there a Christmas tradition or decorating style that is special for you?

The family Christmas eve dinner turns into a disaster. Why are such family gatherings prone to problems? Have you ever experienced a similar situation (that you can share)?

Do you think Weezie will maintain a friendly relationship with Manny and Cookie after the holidays? Why or why not?

Why I chose this book

This was also a book group pick, but after quite a bit of heavy reading, I was ready for something light and amusing.


This is not the first book in the series, but holiday books are often written to stand alone pretty well.

Memory Hooks

Elvis, aluminum trees, Weezie Foley, Savannah


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