• Amaryllis / Jayne Castle.


  • Castle, Jayne

Publication Info

  • New York, New York : Pocket Star Books, 1996.


  • 9780671021436 — Paperback
    9781574901399 — Hardcover
  • 9781451624014 — eBook, $13.99


  • 328 p.


  • Hardcover Large Print (out of print)
  • Paperback
  • eBook


  • Romance/Paranormal/Suspense


2Q, 4P

Reader’s Annotation

Sparks fly when full-spectrum prism Amaryllis Lark is hired by high class talent Lucas Trent to ferret out a corporate traitor.


St. Helens colonists, cut off from the home planet by unexpected circumstances, have survived on New Earth for hundreds of years. Many have developed amazing psychic talents, but the nature of the planet requires synergistic relationships to make the talents work: talents operate with various abilities, but all require a prism partner to help them focus their talent for any amount of time. When talent and wealthy business owner Lucas Trent hires prism Amaryllis Lark to help him ferret out a traitor, sparks fly between the tough, self-made man and the university trained, prim and proper woman. At a high society function, the pair not only find the traitor, but they discover a popular politician using his psychic talent to improperly influence the election. A familiar psychic signature leads Amaryllis to suspect a link to the death of her beloved mentor. Lucas and Amaryllis find themselves plunged into a dangerous investigation and into a scorching love affair.


This is a steamy romance with plenty of passion and explicit sex to satisfy fans of the genre. The plot is fast-paced and suspenseful, providing an interesting storyline to carry the sexual tension. The main characters are given enough background to explain their motivations. Though set in a different world, this is not world-building. Just about everything in St. Helens (New Earth) is named after things on earth. Many are given combination names such as the hot drink coff-tea. This device came across as silly and unimaginative. It is doubtful, however, that romance fans will care. The important part of the story is the emotions of the protagonists–the passion and growing love between them and the sparks that fly when opposites attract. The paranormal element of the psychic connection only intensifies the heat.

Amaryllis is a fun, romantic romp with a mystery to solve. Fans of futuristic romance will have a great time.


Jayne Castle is a pseudonym for Jayne Ann Krentz. See her website here.

An interview with Bookpage

WritersWrite interview




Library Journal (from Novelist): When professional full-scale prism Amaryllis  Lark agrees to serve as the “focus” for the highly psychically talented Lucas Trent in a security investigation for his company, their mind-link produces excitement–and leads them into a dangerous search for a clever psychic murderer. The chemistry between the pragmatic hero and prissy heroine is on target here. Writing under the name Jayne Castle for the first time in 16 years, veteran romance writer Jayne Ann Krentz takes her trademark combination of witty, upbeat action; lively sensuality; and appealing characters to the unique, synergistic world of St. Helens. Readers may also be interested in some of Krentz’s earlier futuristic works (e.g., Shield’s Lady, Starfire), recently re-released under her own name.

Appeal factors

Amaryllis will appeal to fans of futuristic, paranormal romance with a bit of humor. A good choice for those who like their romance steamy with some explicit sex.


A Spy to Die For, by Kris DeLake. These fast-paced romance novels are both set in the future and share strong-willed characters and suspenseful plots. They also both provide steamy relationships.

Dark Taste of Rapture, by Gena Showalter. Both novels are futuristic or paranormal romance and could be described as steamy and fast-paced. They share the subject murder.

Kinsman’s Oath, by Susan Krinard. These books are steamy romances featuring female psychics and futuristic settings.

Booktalk Ideas

As the genre is romance, a booktalk should highlight the sexual attraction and tension in the book. This might mean describing the first psychic link between Amaryllis and Lucas when both were shocked to experience sexual arousal, which is not a normal part of linking. The booktalker should be careful to know who the audience is and how explicit it would be appropriate to get.

Discussion Questions

What did you think of the world that the author created? What interested you? What, if anything, would you change?

Did you like the character of Amaryllis? Was she realistic? What motivated her high ethical standards?

What was the basis of the attraction between Amaryllis and Lucas? Do you think their relationship would last?

Arranged marriages are an old world throwback. In this book, arranged marriage meets modern dating services. What did you think about this?

How would you feel if such psychic powers existed in our world? What safeguards would it take to protect people from being taken advantage of?

Why I chose this book

This was a book group pick. I would not normally read something as explicit as this, nor am I a follower of futuristic settings. However, the psychic abilities and the connection this gives the characters is an interesting supposition.

Memory Hooks

Amaryllis, New Earth, psychics, prism


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